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“Be wary of publishing online”

“Be wary of publishing online”

Each of our facebook ‘likes’, friends’ views and even the videos were share are recorded, analysed and sold to companies for advert. Our tastes, habits, opinions, and leisures are gathered and documented for commercial purposes. Though social media has numerous advantages such as: it helps stay in touch, find love, jobs, make new friends, helps open the mind to other cultures, promote debates with easy access to information.

It also has a number of disavdvantages like; vengeance, intimidation, jealousy, paedophilia, an upsurge in cybercriminality with identity theft and the creation of fake profiles. Misinformation is a common occurrence( fake news). An advice, stay discreet «Be wary of publishing online».

No need to have 500 online friends, employers now use social media for recruitments or lay offs, so be careful. In summary, « Do not judge people based on their folks, Judas for example had flawless friends»


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Ambena ndono Emilie clarisse, CEO SID ( South ID or Identités Sid), an agency specialised in public Relations and Magazine director of "Made in Cameroon". Holder of a Masters in Entrepreneurship ; her passion for reading, travelling, music andabove all her love for Cameroon are beyong doubt.



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