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CAMER AGRO TOUR, a futuristic vision at the service of development

In few lines, tell us who Mr. Jacques is
Ngomsu Tchonlahui Jacques is a 40 years old Cameroonian, a video journalist passionate about agriculture.
How did the brand Planète Verte originate?
Planète Verte Sarl was born by my enthusiasm and passion to raise high the beauty of our agriculture and agricultural laborers 9 years ago. Today it’s a Council Cabinet to train, follow up staff placement, audio visual production and provision of services in
agriculture, breeding, fishing, environment, circuit design and the organization of agro touristic tours through our agency (Camer
Ago Tour).                                             In few words can you elaborate on the concept Planète Verte? 
It is a 26 minutes video broadcast on Canal 2 International every Friday at 3pm that teaches on our best cultural practices today
which are essential tools of job amateurs and professional producers in environmental and agro pastoral silvo. We equally want to bring students, CEO’s and others in and out of Cameroon to learn and discover the best agro touristic sites in Cameroon through our program Camer Agro Tour School, Camer Agro Tour Enterprise and Camer Agro Tour Touristic respectively.

What’s it benefit to society?
My team and I desire to contribute to boast
Cameroons agricultural and touristic value which will attract international clients and expand our investment strategies. Through our footage and tours, in-depth trainings are organized on agricultural processes to all
those who have a thing in agriculture.
What are your visions as an entrepreneur?
We have everything in place to cater for our external clients from online registration to buying flight ticket and movement from the
airport. We aspire to bloom international markets and we equally wish to collaborate deeply with the ministry of tourism and leisure.
Who are your sponsors?
Canal2 International, Mr. Abel Deffo Fotso (General Director of Sweet Radio and Vision 4) , Professor Dieudonné Lucien Bitom
Oyono (Dean of FASA- godfather of Planète Verte).
Site : https://cameragrotour.com/
Contact : 696607776

About The Author


Ambena ndono Emilie clarisse, CEO SID ( South ID or Identités Sid), an agency specialised in public Relations and Magazine director of "Made in Cameroon". Holder of a Masters in Entrepreneurship ; her passion for reading, travelling, music andabove all her love for Cameroon are beyong doubt.



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