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Ruben UM NYOBE again called Mpodol (spokesperson)

Ruben UM NYOBE again called Mpodol (spokesperson)

Let’s relive our legends

Ruben UM Nyobé was born in 1913 in Song Peck near Boumyebel in the district of Eseka. His parents were Nyobe Nsounga and Ngo Um Nonos, both Bassa peasants. Married to Marthe Ngo Mayack, he had a son in the maquis, Daniel, with his maquis partner Marie Ngo Njock.

During his 10 years, from 1948 to 1958, as Secretary General of the Cameroon Union people (UPC), Um Nyobé again called Mpodol meaning spokesman in Bassa, will rail and blow the whistle on the colonial state, natives’ fate and the collaboration between Cameroonians and colonial leaders.

He died 60 years ago in atrocious suffering, on September 13, 1958; he was bullet shot on the back. Colonial rulers exposed his body for several days to dampen the population, before burying it without funerals, thus totally humiliating his memory.

It is important to note that the colonial power considered granting independence on condition that every pro independence be put to death. Several other activists, such as Felix Moumié (SG of the UPC) was poisoned in 1960, Osende Afana (economist) was shot down in 1966, Ernest Ouandié was hanged in 1971, in fact thousands of inhabitants of the maquis areas or mere supporters were put to death.

Never forget them, they are our heritage!

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