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Books : Mongo Béti

Books : Mongo Béti

Cameroonian writer, Alexandre BIYIDI AWALA, better known under the acronym Mongo Beti or Eza Boto was born on June 30, 1932 in Akometan towards MBALMAYO.  He bite the dust on October 7, 2001 in Douala.

Teacher, journalist, bookseller, Mongo Beti has always been looked upon as a protest and uncompromising writer. He was feared for never compromising.

He put his intelligence forth, all his strength and all he could to reawaken Africans.

He wrote masterpieces criticising colonialism among which: Main basse sur le Cameroun 1972, Ville cruelle 1953, Le pauvre Christ de bomba 1956, Remember Ruben 1974, Trop de soleil tue lamour 1999.

After 32 years in exile, Mongo Beti gets back to Cameroon in 1994 and his wife Odile Tobner and him become founders of Librairie des peuples noirs in Yaounde. He highly criticises evils brought to Africa by the neo-colonial regime.

Mongo Beti was fierce African, with an inherent attachment to his country and his native village. He is a hard worker, immensely generous and leaves us a valuable literary heritage to develop and safeguard.


You are a source in inspiration, we miss you!


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