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Packaging, a silent salesman

Packaging, a silent salesman

80% of information related to a product reaches the consumers’ brain via eyesight, thus packaging influences consumers’ purchasing decision. No matter the quality of your product, if poorly packaged, it loses half of its value since the product is as important as the packaging.

For your product or service to appeal to customers, your packaging has to play these three (3) roles:

  • Distinctive: It should be appealing and unique at first glance.
  • Incentive: It should attract, persuade and be user-friendly.
  • Environmental compliance : It should inspire confidence, should be traceable and disposable.

 The word ‘packaging’ though translated in french as ‘conditionnement’ has a different meaning when used in english. Packaging is meant for customer appeal, package for protection and conditioning for transportation of the product.

packeging 1

packeging 2

packeging 3

packeging 4

NB : Packaging is a silent means of communication which beautifies the product, making it distinguishable at first glance.

Choosing a compelling packaging for your products or services makes it unique and further increases it attractiveness.

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Ambena ndono Emilie clarisse, CEO SID ( South ID or Identités Sid), an agency specialised in public Relations and Magazine director of "Made in Cameroon". Holder of a Masters in Entrepreneurship ; her passion for reading, travelling, music andabove all her love for Cameroon are beyong doubt.

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